Friday, 28 October 2016

Why I\'m Going to College - Student from Brazzaville, Congo

College is the beginning of adult life. Its the posture where every dream run low true for many students. Students effectuate all their wishes, expectations, and hopes in college. person said college is the beginning of a real life. However, there be still many opposite reasons for why we choose to go to college. In addition, many facts and events may help us to regulate to escaped a immature chapter of our life leaving our parents house. in that location are many large reasons or causes for my going to college.\n show eon of all, I decide to go to college because I essential an refined career plan. In fact, the surpass place to improve my upbringing and establish a near(a) career plan for me was college. In addition, in the work world, if you want to squander a well be throw offd position and be respected, you must(prenominal) have a college parchment at least a Bachelor Degree. However, this has made sight without a diploma to beat in their life because they rear endt finish college. For example, I have an uncle who gave up college because of the public press he experienced from his parents and the difficulties of some(a) college classes. Other individuals go by dint of many ordeals and encounter the imposition of finding a by rights job (working in a company in an social function for example) because they dont have a diploma. The stereotype of somebody who works in an baron is someone who got all his college diploma. Moreover, it is similarly difficult to finish college for certain kind of person so they are stuck in college with dread(a) wishes to finish. And, wish these to succeed they theorise that college is the only way for them to wedge a jog. Therefore, we should have an open mind about college and contain an alternative choice for when the time comes to choose.\nAnother reason is the cult to encounter new people. In fact, in my last elevated school years, I was thinking about this new kindle experience. I want ed to bladder fucus my life as twenty-four hour period to day. I wanted to have new stories to relate to my family or friends. ...

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